The Band


On January 31, 2010, Connecticut witnessed the launch of the band known as PrimeTime, and what a launch it was! PrimeTime was born in the mind of Ralph Valente, who at the time was playing drums in a band with bassist Paul Puglisi. They listened to their audience, understood what the people wanted, and knew they had the top musicians in mind who could create Ralph’s vision. Ralph first turned to his brother Sal and talked him out of retirement. Sal agreed (he was sought after by many bands, but would only come back out for his brother. the additions of Zeke and Friday came soon after, and the vision became a reality…

Since that magical winter night, the band has done nothing but continue to entertain their fans and keep the party going. PrimeTime is on an unbelievable roll. thanks in no small part to you, our loyal and passionate fans. so come on in! BE a part of the party!